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House Call is committed to educating our clients with knowledge about the function and safety of their home. We provide exceptional service and support, and encourage a lasting relationship. We look
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House Call Detroit, serves Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties as well as other near communities and counties. Jaymie’s team of professional home inspectors are ready to fill your inspection needs and educate you about your property.

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Our Team

Kevin Weishaupt

Certified Home Inspector

Brandon Paternoster

Owner and Director of Operations

Jaymie Paternoster

Certified Home Inspector

Jaymie brings a wealth of knowledge to the home inspection industry. With a Master’s Degree in communication and almost 20 years of experience working in architectural design and construction, she quickly put her clients to ease through the home inspection process. Jaymie has been licensed with House Call since 2010 and has performed thousands of home inspections. She ensures uniformity in education, presentation, in communication with each home inspector on her team.

Zac Seibel

Certified Home Inspector

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